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Bergmann's Cleaning provides dry cleaning & laundry pick up and delivery to the Baltimore, Washington D.C, Northern Virginia and Maryland areas.
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Celebrating 100 Years of Quality Service

When Bergmann’s was founded nearly a century ago, our family had one thing in mind: great quality service. We promise the best service anywhere in The Washington D.C. area. In fact, the Washington Post agrees. In a recent article titled “The Dirt on Dry Cleaners” Bergmann’s was named the clear winner on convenience and cleaning. We promise that same level of convenience and efficiency on all of our services.


E. Peter Bergmann


Larry M. Bergmann

Executive VP / Sales and Operations

Our History

The year was 1917, the United States was at war with Germany, and everyone’s favorite song was “Over There.” Back home in the Brightwood Section of Washington, an enterprising gentleman by the name of W.C. Bergmann was supplementing his meager lamplighter’s income by bobtailing: picking up laundry and cleaning in his horse drawn truck, then delivering it back to his customers, all freshly cleaned and pressed.

As the business grew, W.C. was joined by his sons, Franz, Bud, Pearson and Everett, and within a year they opened the very first Bergmann’s Cleaning store at 623 G Street in Northwest Washington. Throughout the years, the number of Bergmann’s stores continued to increase, most of them serving the inner city. As the suburbs grew, Bergmann’s became increasingly popular, offering their growing list of customers quality cleaning, as well as the convenience of free pick-up and delivery at their door.

Today over ninety years later, Bergmann’s fleet of sleek vans has replaced the old familiar blue trucks. Now operating with an efficient 20 routes, these vans are set up to service the entire Metropolitan area from Reston, Virginia to Columbia, Maryland. Now managed by fourth generation family members, Bergmann’s has always been owned and operated by members of the Bergmann family, and is proud of its staff of 125 dedicated employees. Always looking to improve, Bergmann’s has embraced the fast-paced customer age with one goal in mind: To provide their thousands of customers quality cleaning and the very best service possible.

Bergmann’s is a diversified company that provides the traditional cleaning services such as dry cleaning, shirts, rugs, laundry and draperies as well as specialty services such as hospitality linen, fire and flood restoration. The company has changed and grown in many ways over these many years, while still adhering to the basic principles established by its forefathers: quality and service. The company is still owned by the Bergmann family, and is managed day-to-day by its officers.