Quality You Can Trust

We've been taking care of business for decades when it comes to dry cleaning, and that experience has taught us a thing or two about quality care.

Dry Cleaning

Blouses Coats (top Coats) Fur Trim Coats
Sport Coats Formal Suits Dresses
Unlined Jackets Neckties Shirts
Pleats Regular Sweaters Silk Blouses
Raincoats Down Coats 2-Piece Suits
3-Piece Suits Evening Dresses Lined Jackets
Pants Shorts Sleeveless Sweaters

Expert Alterations

At Bergmann’s we can alter and repair most garments to fit your needs. Additional charges may occur for button removal, silks, fur trims, pleats, down, removable linings, water proofing, suedes and furs, whites, sequins


Bath Mats Fancy Blouses Mattress Covers
Napkins Pants Sheets
King Size Sheets Shirts (In Box) Shirts (Hand Finished)
Spreads Round Tablecloths Bath Towels
Cotton Blankets Short Lab Coats Long Lab Coats
Bed Pads Pillow Cases Contour Sheets
Formal Shirts Shirts (On Hanger) Polo Shirts
Regular Tablecloths Wash Cloths Hand Ironed Table Linens

Draperies & Household Items

Standard Size (unlined) 81" to 100". Prices may vary depending on length of the item. There is an additional per pleat charge for lined drapes. We take down and re-hang drapes. Call our customer service number or visit our contact page for more information

  • Blankets Comforters
  • Furniture Covers
  • Horse Blankets
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Spreads
  • Tablecloths

Pillows - Cleaned, Sanitized, And New Ticking!

  • Regular
  • Queen
  • King

Wedding Gowns

On a hanger or in custom box.

Leather & Suede

  • Jackets
  • Coat (Full Length)
  • Coat (¾ Length)
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