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Bergmann's Cleaning provides dry cleaning & laundry pick up and delivery to the Baltimore, Washington D.C, Northern Virginia and Maryland areas.
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Working For A Cleaner Environment

Bergmann’s Cleaning wants you to know:

Recent changes in state and federal requirements for the dry cleaning industry have been made to protect the environment. Some of these new laws regulate the proper removal, transportation and disposal of dry cleaning and laundry waste. While these new laws help our environment stay cleaner, they also have added to our cost of doing business. Soil and chemicals removed from your garments through the dry cleaning and laundry process must be disposed of carefully. Soil collected from dirty garments must be stored properly and transported by a federally-licensed refuse company. Bergmann’s has always been a leader in the recycling movement and we have chosen an approved company that recycles the usable waste by-products and chemicals.

In addition to waste removal, we have changed our solvent to a “Green” solvent that is biodegradable. We have also purchased state-of-the-art equipment to control that waste, held employee seminars on waste removal and recycling and obtained the proper permits to operate our dry cleaning equipment. Our employees are aware of any health and right-to- know laws. As the laws and requirements change, we’ll keep you, our customers, abreast of those new guidelines.

To continue our commitment for a cleaner environment, we have included a small percentage fee to help cover these costs. Bergmann’s Cleaning will continue to be the leader in doing whatever it takes to protect and preserve our environment. Thank you for your help and your continued patronage.

The Bergmann Family