Bergmanns Cleaning Services | Fire & Flood Restoration
Bergmann's Cleaning provides dry cleaning & laundry pick up and delivery to the Baltimore, Washington D.C, Northern Virginia and Maryland areas.
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We are Here to Help

We offer specialized restoration services to mitigate disaster damage. When adversity strikes, our Fire, Water and Smoke Restoration Specialists are here for you.

Bergmann’s Cleaning Plant and Ozone Room

Ozone is a chemical process that turns O2 into O3 eliminating all odors in fabrics instead of simply masking them. The process takes time, but it ensures the highest quality in the removal of smoke odors from fabrics, unlike other processes which merely mask them. Best of all, the process is completely safe for the environment!

Computerized Inventory and Tracking

Our internal, computerized and color-coded inventory control systems track your articles through our plant from the minute they get there until the minute you take them home.

Bergmann’s Specialists are CRDN Certified

All our Specialists receive restoration training and follow the CRDN certification standards for restoration dry- cleaning.

Bergmann’s welcomes all major insurance companies and will work together with you to supply the client with the best possible results. For more information, please contact:

Charlie Rice
Fire, Water and Smoke Restoration 

Phone: 703-994-7715