Bergmanns Cleaning Services | Hospitality and Corporate Services
Bergmann's Cleaning provides dry cleaning & laundry pick up and delivery to the Baltimore, Washington D.C, Northern Virginia and Maryland areas.
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Providing the Care Your Business Needs

Bergmann’s serves hotels in the Washington DC area. We offer service on rooms linen, as well as food & beverage linen. Our turn-around time is 24 hours and we provide service 7 days per week.

We provide a quality, dependable service at a competitive price. We understand the needs of the hospitality industry and we forge solid business partnerships and relationships with all of our clients. Providing your organization with excellent service on time and as requested is our pride..

Interested in Our Hospitality and Corporate Linen Service?

All hospitality and corporate linen accounts are personally managed by Larry M. Bergmann, Jr., so you can expect the fine attention to detail that your business deserves. We promise to take give your business the best service in the area.

For questions or to set up an account, please contact:

Larry M. Bergmann, Jr.
Vice President/Sales and Operations Manager

Bergmann’s Cleaning, Inc.

703-247-7600 ext. 121